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Fantasy Basketball

Lightning Lineups

Lightning Lineups is an easy to play game where you pick the lineup that you think will get the most fantasy points! It's as simple as: SPIN, PICK, WIN!


You start with a set of three different lineups. Lineups will always consist of two or more players for you to choose from.


You can multiply what the payout would be by adding additional lineups to the available options to pick from. You will have more lineups you are competing with to win, but the result, if you do, could be rewarding!


Once you have decided on your lineup, entry-amount and multiplier, choose Submit.

When it’s gametime, jump to your dashboard and watch your players and contests live!

SuperFlex DFS

SuperFlex DFS contests offer a unique spin on your standard Daily Fantasy Sports games. Leverage the SuperFlex roster slot to build creative lineups while staying under the salary cap! Play new contests daily for cash prizes!

Build Your Team!

Full sortable player list with filters by team, position, and salary.
A clickable player card that displays individual player news, status updates, projections, and recent game performance.
Batting order display to show where each position player is slated to hit in the lineup that day.
Opposing pitcher displayed on each position players tile.

Use Your SuperFlex Spot

Your 9 player roster consists of a mix of various positions. The unique part is the SuperFlex slot where you can put in any player from whattever position you want, as long you have the salary.

Watch and Win!!

Once your lineups are in, hit up the Dashboard at gametime and watch it live! See in real-time how you are competing directly with other players and friends.

Weekly Bracket

Draft live and go Head-2-Head with up to 15 of your friends in our Weekly Bracket format!

Join and Draft Live!

Join a contest from the Lobby!

Enter into the snake-draft and build your dream lineup before someone else does for themselves!

Manage Your Lineup

Manage your team over the week or weeks of the contest. Choose who to bench and swap out the dead weight when needed!

Get Paid!!!

Don't wait until the end of the season to get paid. Our H2H Bracket-style gets you paid out along the way to becoming the champ!


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